Unemployment Insurance (UI) Nonmonetary Determinations

Each calendar quarter, states report information on nonmonetary determinations from the following reports: Employment and Training Administration ETA 207 -Nonmonetary Determination Activities); ETA 9052 — Nonmonetary Determination Time Lapse, Detection Date and ETA 9056 — Nonmonetary Determination Quality Review.

ETA 207:

Provides current information on the volume and types of nonmonetary determinations made under state, UCFE and UCX UI programs. This data is used to budget workload for program funding, evaluate law changes, appraise disqualification processes, and relate to benefit appeals. The National Office uses ETA 207 to determine workload counts to analyze the ratio of disqualifications to determinations, and to examine and evaluate the program effect of nonmonetary activity. This report can also provide important insight into economic trends on a state and national level through claim volume and determination types data. Click on links below for state data.

ETA 9052:

Contains information on the time it takes states to issue nonmonetary determinations from the date the issues are first detected by the agency. Single-claimant and multi-claimant nonmonetary determinations are included in the report. Nonmonetary determinations made by organizational units such Benefit Accuracy Measurement (BAM) and Benefit Payment Control (BPC) are also included in this report. This report helps states monitor their performance as captured by Timeliness Core Measures for nonmonetary determinations. Click on link below for state data.

ETA 9056:

Provides quarterly information on the quality of nonmonetary determinations that state agencies issue to claimants and employers in the report period. States are measured by whether they adhered to federal adjudication standards as they apply their own law and policy. Intrastate and Interstate single-claimant and multi-claimant separation and nonseparation nonmonetary determinations are included in the report. Nonmonetary determinations made by organizational units such as BAM and BPC are also included in the report. It is important to note that notices of overpayments on contested earnings detected by any method (e.g., cross-match) are excluded from the report. Click on link below for state data.

Click on a link below for charts and tables that summarize UI nonmonetary determinations activity by Workload; Timeliness and Quality. Data are displayed by quarter, on a rolling basis for all states, US totals.

Workload (ETA 207)

Timeliness (ETA 9052)

Quality (ETA 9056)