State Rankings of Core Measures

This program provides state performance rankings for the core measures. Results are ranked according to performance for all measures except Tax Quality. Any number of measures and quarters can be selected. All states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands are included in the report output.

Please note that the performance data charts generated by this query is based on data extracted from the UI database on the date and time this query is executed. Because the UI database is dynamic, charts based on data extracted at other times may differ since states occasionally submit amended reports. We also attempt to verify outliers and correct obviously erroneous data from time to time. For any performance measures for which data is missing, or partial and estimated data is used in the computation, the footnote explains the reason.

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All measures
First Payments in 14/21 days
Nonmonetary Determinations in 21 days
Nonmonetary Separation Quality
Nonmonetary Nonseparation Quality
Quality of Lower Authority Appeals
Average Age of Pending Lower Authority Appeals
Average Age of Pending Higher Authority Appeals
New Employer Status Determinations in 90 days
Tax Quality (by Calendar Year)

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