Unemployment Insurance Research
Current Projects and Available Research

In addition to the projects listed below, all prior research and evaluation reports sponsored by the Employment and Training Administration (ETA) can be found on the ETA Publication Database; current and completed reports related to Unemployment Insurance undertaken through collaboration between ETA and the Department of Labor’s Chief Evaluation Office (CEO) may be found on the CEO’S Unemployment Insurance topic area page.

Current Projects

  1. Reemployment Services and Eligibility Assessments (RESEA) Evidence Building and Implementation Study
  2. The Great Recession: Lessons Learned for the Unemployment Insurance System

Recently Completed Available Research

UI Benefit Studies

  1. NewUnemployment Insurance Deficit Financing Study
  2. Supporting Reentry Employment and Success: A Summary of the Evidence for Adults and Young Adults
  3. Supporting Self-Employment as a Reemployment Strategy: Impacts of a Pilot Program for Dislocated Workers After 18 Months
  4. Challenges and Strategies Used to Operate Unemployment Insurance Programs during the Great Recession
  5. A Longitudinal Survey of Unemployment Insurance Recipients in Two Regions in California
  6. Alternative Strategies for Financing State Unemployment Insurance Trust Fund Deficits: Aftermath of 2007 recession
  7. Comparative Analysis of Unemployment Insurance Financing Methods

Reemployment Studies

  1. Evaluation of Impacts of the Reemployment and Eligibility Assessment (REA)
  2. A Study of the Self-Employment Assistance Program: Helping Unemployed Workers Pursue Self- Employment

UI Program Studies

  1. Unemployment Insurance Call Center Study