Unemployment Insurance (UI) Benefits Data Validation (DV) Knowledge Management System

The UI Data Validation Knowledge Management System (DVKMS) consolidates Benefits information from multiple sources into a single repository where users can quickly find information about any aspect of data validation and reporting for UI transactions such as claims, payments, appeals, and overpayments.

For detailed information on how to use the tool and navigate topics, please review the "How to Use" link for instructions, which is the first link below.

The Master Index acts like a "table of contents" for this resource and provides direct links to a data validation overview and the seven population categories. It allows users to access specific information on the DV populations and the key topics that pertain to each, respectively.

The Benefits Resource is organized by populations. It also includes "Other Key Topics" that will enhance the general understanding of several vital DV concepts.

Questions should be sent forward to dvrpts@uis.doleta.gov.

How to Use the Knowledge Management System

Master Index