UI Replacement Rates Report

The Replacement Rate is the ratio of the claimants' weekly benefit amount (WBA) to the claimants' average weekly wage. Two Replacement Ratios are published:

  • Replacement Ratio 1 = Weighted Average of: WBA / (Normal Hourly Wage x 40 Hrs.)
  • Replacement Ratio 2 = Ratio of:
        Weighted Average WBA / Weighted Average (Normal Hourly Wage x 40 Hrs.)

Weekly wage is based on hourly wage of usual job of claimant, normalized to a 40-hour work week and may not equal the claimant's actual average weekly wage.

The UI replacement rate covers the four-quarter moving average ending with selected quarter-ending date.

This report use the Unemployment Insurance Benefit Accuracy Measurement (BAM) data, stored in the UI database. Please note that the data generated by this query is based on data extracted from the UI database on the date and time this query is executed.

The BAM report follows the following schedule, which reflects the 90-day BAM case completion standard.

Data for calendar
Earliest date for which BAM
data are available:
1st Quarter
(January to March)
July 1
2nd Quarter
(April to June)
October 1
3rd Quarter
(July to September)
January 1
4th Quarter
(October to December)
April 1

(max 15)
(7 year maximum)
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