Government Performance Results Act (GPRA) Reports

These reports show four quarters of data ending with selected quarter-ending date. Data are available from 1997 to the most current quarter-ending date. Beginning with 1998, the reports also compare performance in the chosen four quarters of data to performance in the preceding four quarters, showing any change that has occurred.

For the "Intrastate First Payments and New Status Timeliness Targets" report, the selectable jurisdictions include the United States, any number of regions, or up to 15 individual states. For the "Overpayments Established" report, the United States or any number of regions can be selected.

The "Facilitate Reemployment" measure under GPRA was discontinued effective FY 2015, however, data is reported in Archives below up to FY 2014.

A national trending view for these results is available for the most recent five years.

Quarterly Tracking Information

Intrastate First Payments and New Status Timeliness Targets

Overpayments Established

Facilitation of Reemployment

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