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Unemployment Insurance Data Summary

UI Data Summary, 3rd Quarter 2005 Logo

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    The UI Data Summary is produced quarterly from state-reported data contained in the Unemployment Insurance Data Base (UIDB) as well as UI-related data from outside sources (e.g., Bureau of Labor Statistics data on employment and unemployment and U.S. Department of Treasury data on state UI trust fund activities). This data base is maintained by the Division of Actuarial Services, Office of Income Support (OIS), U.S. Department of Labor.

    This report is intended to provide the user with a quick overview of the status of the UI system at the national and state levels. Tables are provided for each state and many data items are repeated on summary tables which show all states together. The glossary gives the definition of each data item in the report. Except for recipiency rates, UCFE and UCX data is not included. Except for covered employment and wage data, which have a reporting/processing lag, all the data refers to the same quarter. This quarter is shown on the front cover and is also the first column heading on each individual state page. The year and quarter are indicated by the notation CYyyyy.q (e.g. CY1995.4). For many data items, the report shows -- in addition to the latest quarter -- data for the latest twelve months, the highest and lowest quarters historically, and the state's rank among all states. If a state has failed to report for a particular time period, estimated data are used; however, if the time period extends too far for reasonable estimates, blanks are displayed instead.

    Your comments and suggestions are welcomed. For further information please contact Dyana Cornell at the Division of Fiscal and Actuarial Services, Room C-4514, 200 Constitution Ave., NW, Washington, DC 20210, phone (202) 693-3007. You can also reach the receptionist at (202) 693-3039. If you want quarterly copies mailed to you, add your name to the Data summary mailing list.

    (Note: Blank cells appearing in any section of this report indicates that information is unavailable.)