Overpayment Detection Core Measure Ranking Report

The 3-year Overpayment Detection Ranking Report is used to measure state performance for the UI Performs Core Measure. The report covers the 3-year BPC period (12 quarters) ending with selected quarter-ending date. BAM data cover the 3-year period ending 6 months prior to the selected quarter-ending date. Data are available from 1997 to the most current quarter-ending date.

Please note that the performance data charts generated by this query are based on data extracted from the UI database on the date and time this query is executed. Because the UI database is dynamic, charts based on data extracted at other times may differ since states occasionally submit amended reports. We also attempt to verify outliers and correct obviously erroneous data from time to time. For any performance measures for which data are missing, or partial and estimated data are used in the computation, the footnote explains the reason.

Note: The computing time for the U. S. report can exceed 10 minutes. The requestor has the option of receiving an output report by e-mail by entering an e-mail address in the space provided.