RJM Questions Through Budget Year 2010

Questions Pertaining to NPS

  1. Should Resources on Order (ROO) data be included on the RJM forms?
  2. What postage costs are allowable?
  3. Are consultants for building remodeling & renovations classified as Contractual Services or Facilities costs?
  4. Are data processing requests that are done by another agency and billed back classified as PS Contracts or State Indirect NPS costs?
  5. Are costs for requests for information to the attorney general classified as PS Contracts or State Indirect NPS costs?
  6. What types of expenditures should be included under the RJM Category Personal Service Contracts?
  7. Should UI Personal Service Contract expenditures for Interpreters be converted to MPU?
  8. Should UI expenditures that are paying for an IT project (done as a PS Contract) that was completed in a prior year be converted to MPU as support staff?
  9. Will tab 2 (NPS) current & next or budget year numbers and supporting documentation be required?

Questions Pertaining to Forms

  1. Should the previous year data on the RJM forms be as of 09/30/xx or 12/31/xx?
  2. Which workbooks must a state use in completing and submitting their RJM package?
  3. What is the due date for the RJM submission, what should be submitted and where should it be submitted?
  4. Regarding the state RJM Excel file, will states be required to complete the PS/PB tabs and provide documentation for proposed PS/PB increases?
  5. Are the RJM Workbooks located on the RJM website (oui.doleta.gov/rjm/) current?
  6. (Issue): States having problems inserting/deleting rows in the crosswalk file.
  7. (Issue): States having problems copying and pasting into the crosswalk workbook.
  8. How do I ensure a zero value in cell B29 of worksheet "2" of the Main workbook?
  9. Within the PS/PB increase sheets in the crosswalk workbook, where should retirement match increases for a partial period of the current year be entered?

Miscellaneous Questions

  1. How should future years' one-time expenditures be treated in RJM?
  2. How should Supplemental Budget Request (SBR) Grants be handled in the RJM?
  3. Where does the information on the "Outlays" Spreadsheet come from and should the total on the "Outlays" Spreadsheet tie to the ACCT SUM sheet in the RJM Workbook?
  4. How should a state handle entering costs in the RJM Workbooks that were paid for with UI dollars but that cannot be identified specifically as PS/PB/NPS and by Functional Activity (for PS/PB) from the accounting reports?
  5. Should states separately identify PS/PB costs that were funded with state funds? Or will National Office continue to disallow only state funded NPS costs?
  6. A state is going to use Reed Act money to replace a LAN/WAN network and then amortize the expenditure. How will RJM treat the "amortization payments" to replenish the Reed Act fund?
  7. Should SAVE and TRADE workload hours be included in RJM?
  8. How will PS/PB costs paid for with State Funds be captured?
  9. Should all on-going ADP programming services, if attributable to a specific functional activity, be put within that functional activity even though it will affect the MPU value while not really workload related?
  10. If a state has an IT consultant who is working on a project for UI Tax and the cost is direct charged to UI, should it be allocated to "Support" rather than to "Tax"?
  11. Should all non-recurring ADP programming services be placed in either Support or AS&T, whether they are PS Contract conversions or regular agency ADP costs?
  12. Should a state include a former employee related court settlement under PS/PB or NPS?
  13. If a state is billed for its portion of retirees insurance under one functional activity code rather than the expense being derived as a portion of the PB rate, how should the cost be included in the RJM workbooks?
  14. How should EUC08 expenditures be handled in the RJM?

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