Table of Contents


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Preface i


Section A: Introduction

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Overview A-1
Improving the Program A-2
Legal Basis for Overpayment Recovery A-4
Overpayment Prevention A-6
Overpayment Establishment A-8
Overpayment Recovery A-10
BPC Funding A-13
Summary of Guidelines A-16


Section B: Recovery Program

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Overview B-1
Introduction B-2
Organizational Structure B-4
Statutory Authority B-5
Statute of Limitations B-6
Fraud Penalties B-8
Cost of Recovery B-10
Data Gathering B-11
Waiver B-15
Write-Off B-16
Collection Cycle B-19
Recovery Processes and Tools B-22
Skip-Tracing B-26
Summary of Guidelines B-28


Section C: Recovery Methods

Topic Page
Overview C-1
Collection Documents C-2
UI Benefit Offset C-6
Interstate Recovery C-9
Other Offset Programs C-11
Personal Contact C-13
Civil Action C-16
Outsourcing Debt Collection Activities . C-18
Summary of Guidelines C-19


Section D: Collection Documents

Topic Page
Overview D-1
Predetermination Notices D-2
Overpayment Determinations D-4
Installment Agreements D-9
Billing Statements D-12
Collection and/or Demand Letters D-14
Summary of Guidelines D-15


Section E: Legal Action

Topic Page
Overview E-1
Prosecution E-2
Judgments E-4
Wage Garnishments E-5
Liens and Levies E-7
Probate E-9
Bankruptcy E-10
Summary of Guidelines E-12


Section F: Automation

Topic Page
Overview F-1
Introduction F-2
Legacy Mainframe Systems F-4
Automation Today F-6
Case Management Systems F-9
Collectibility Profiling F-10
Summary of Guidelines F-11


Section G: Summary of Guidelines

Topic Page
Overview G-1
Introduction G-2
Recovery Program G-3
Recovery Methods G-6
Collection Documents G-9
Legal Action G-12
Automation G-14


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Attachment A: Criteria for Review 1
Attachment B: Supplemental Training Materials  
  • Overview
  • 1
  • Performance Measures
  • 2
  • Cost of Doing Business
  • 6
  • Model Recovery Program
  • 7
    Attachment C: Survey Data  
  • Table 1: Non-monetary Penalty
  • 2
  • Table 2: Monetary Penalty
  • 10
  • Table 3: Interest
  • 12
  • Table 4: Additional Fees
  • 16
  • Table 5: Statute of Limitations
  • 18
  • Table 6: Negative Impact on Recovery Process
  • 23
  • Table 7: Positive Impact on Recovery Process
  • 30
  • Table 8: Other Recovery Methods
  • 37
  • Table 9: Recovery Methods and Techniques Used by SESAs
  • 41
  • Table 10: Write Off Criteria
  • 45
  • Table 11: Interstate Cooperation
  • 54
    Attachment D: Glossary 1