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February 22, 1999















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Welfare-to-Work Reporting

  1. Purpose. To transmit a revised Welfare-to-Work (WtW) financial reporting format and corresponding revised instructions for formula WtW grants.

  2. References. The Social Security Act as amended by the Balanced Budget Act of 1997; Welfare-to-Work Grants Interim Final Rule, 20 CFR 645 (62 Federal Register 61588 (November 18, 1997)); NOTICE OF OFFICE OF MANAGEMENT AND BUDGET ACTION (OMB NO. 12050385), dated April 2, 1998, approving Form Nos. ETA-9068 and ETA-9068-1, in accordance with the .Paperwork Reduction Act of 1995; NOTICE OF OFFICE OF MANAGEMENT AND BUDGET ACTION (OMB NO. 1205-0385), dated February 11, 1999, approving a revision to OMB Approval Action No. 1205-0385, dated April 2, 1998; Training and Employment Guidance Letter (TEGL) No. 11-97, dated June 24, 1998; and Federal Register (Volume 63, Number 225), dated November 23, 1998.

  3. Background. As authorized in Title IV of the Social Security Act, as amended by the enactment of the Balanced Budget Act of 1997, the Department of Labor has developed criteria for awarding bonuses in FY 2000 to successfully performing WtW States in 1998 and 1999. (The Performance Bonus Criteria was published in Volume 63, Number 225, of the Federal Register, dated November 23, 1998.) The reporting format and instructions transmitted in TEGL No. 11-97 have thus been revised to incorporate essential data elements to match the OMB approved performance bonus criteria. Additional revisions have been made to provide clarity to the reporting of certain expenditures by activity.

  4. Specific Revisions. The following changes have been made to Sections IV and VI of the WtW Formula Grant Cumulative Quarterly Financial Status Report.

    Section IV Federal Expenditures by Activity

    1. Lines 26 and 27 of old format have been collapsed into one line f26) on revised format to combine expenditures reported for "Job Retention Services and Support Services."

    2. Line 27 on revised format becomes "Individual Development Accounts."

    3. Line 28 is a new line item: "Intake, Assessment, Eligibility Determination & Case Management." The old format did not provide a line item for reporting these expenditures.

    Section VI. Federal Participant Summary

    1. Lines32.a. and 32.b. have been changed from "Public" and "Private" on the old format to "Than or Equal to 30 Hours Per Week" and "Less Than 30 Hours Per Week," respectively, on the revised format.

    2. Line 33 is a new line item on the revised format: "Employed in Unsubsidized Employment When Entering WtW."

    3. Lines 33.a. and 33.b. have been changed from "Public" and "Private" on the old format to "Greater Than or Equal to 30 Hours Per Week" and "Less Than 30 Hours Per Week," respectively, on the revised format.

    4. Line 34 on revised format is "Placed in Subsidized Employment."

    5. Lines 34.a. and 34.b. are added on the revised format: "Greater Than or Equal to 30 Hours Per Week" and "Less Than 30 Hours Per Week," respectively.

    6. Line 35 on revised format is old Line 33: "Retained 6 Months (two quarters) in Unsubsidized Employment."

    7. Line 36 is a new line item on the revised format: "Earnings Gained in 6 Months (two quarters). Following Placement in Unsubsidized Employment."

    8. Lines 36.a. and 36.b. are new line items on the revised format: "Sum of Earnings of Those Retained in 2nd Subsequent Quarter (2nd quarter following base quarter)" and "Sum of Earnings of Same Group in Base Quarter," respectively.

    The revised instructions provide detailed explanations of the data that is to be entered for each of the new and/or revised line items. Particular attention has been given to include definitions for the new data requirements in the Participant Summary Section to ensure consistency with the approved performance criteria.

  5. Action Required. The State is required to report on tree revised format beginning with the quarter ending March 31, 1999. The first report on the revised format is, therefore, due in the Employment and Training Administration no later than May 15, 1999. When accessing the WtW reporting system to enter data for a new quarter, the revised format will appear with no previously submitted data entries. The new data for the deporting quarter must be added to previously submitted data, so that the report reflects cumulative data from inception of the grant. The State is reminded to have the designated official within the organization review the data for accuracy and completeness prior to entering the PIN. This official is also responsible for timely submittal of the data.

  6. Inquiries. Questions of a technical nature, related to the electronic entry of WtW data, should be directed to Shakil Khandoker in OMIS by E-Mail at skhandoker@doleta.gov, or by telephone on 202-219-6149. All other questions on WtW reporting or on this TEGL should be directed to the Regional Office or to either Isabel Danley or Thomas Martin by E-Mail at idanley@doleta.gov or tcmartin@doleta.gov, or by telephone on 202-219-5731, extensions 115 and 123, respectively.

  7. Attachments. 

    1. Revised WtW Formula Grant Cumulative Quarterly Financial Status Report (ETA-9068)

    2. Revised Instructions for Reporting WtW Formula Grants Financial Data

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