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WtW Reporting




June 24, 1998















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Welfare-to-Work Reporting

  1. Purpose. To transmit the Welfare-to-Work (WtW) financial reporting format and corresponding instructions for formula WtW grants and to advise States of the procedures to follow in submitting the required data.

  2. References. Welfare-to-Work (WtW) Grants Interim Final Rule, 20 CFR 645 (62 Federal Register 61588 (November 18, 1997)) and NOTICE OF OFFICE OF MANAGEMENT AND BUDGET ACTION (OMB NO. 1205-0385), dated April 2, 1998, approving Form Nos. ETA-9068 and ETA-9068-1, in accordance with the Paperwork Reduction Act of 1995.

  3. Background. The above referenced documents together with the attached reporting forms and instructions constitute the approved financial reporting requirements for WtW formula and competitive grants. These reporting requirements were approved through September 30, 1998 under OMB emergency approval procedures. OMB approval of WtW reporting requirements for the life of the WtW program will occur before September 30, 1998 under the normal OMB approval process. In order to expedite the reporting process and ease the reporting burden on grantees, ETA is working to provide all WtW grantees with the capability for electronic entry of the data requested on the attached prototype format.

  4. Reporting Process. The fields containing the required data elements for assessing the effectiveness of the WtW Program will be provided to the States via the Internet. Each State will be issued an Account/Password which must be keyed into the system to access the menu driven software containing the State's WtW Formula Grant Reporting Format. Specific instructions on the issuance of an Account/Password will be sent directly to the State contact.

    For each data element, there will be a prompt which will trigger an explanation of the data that is to be entered for that specific element. (The explanation will correspond to the item explanations contained in the attached instructions.) After the data has been entered into the system, it must be reviewed for completeness and accuracy. A designated individual (to be identified per instructions in this TEGL) must then enter a PIN number which will be assigned to the State by ETA. This will certify that the data accurately represents the expenditures and/or participants served for each of the required data elements for the reporting period identified. This will also trigger Regional Office accessibility to the data.

    After the PIN number has been entered, the data will be in a "holding mode" until the Regional Office has reviewed and released the data to the National Office. When the data is not submitted to the Regional Office by the designated due dates specified in the attached instructions, or the data submitted is incomplete or inaccurate, the Regional Office will contact the State and follow-up as necessary to correct the deficiency.

    The system will not allow the Regional Office to modify the data entered by the State. Thus, if changes need to be made, per discussions between the State and the Regional Office or if the State initiates a change to previously submitted data, the State will need to modify the original submittal and certify to the accuracy of the modification by entering the assigned PIN number. (When logging into the WtW Reporting System, the State will be provided with an option to enter new quarterly data or to modify data from a previous quarter.)

    The State is requested to designate at least two individuals who will be involved in WtW reporting. One individual should be the person who will certify that the data is complete and accurate. The other individual should be "hands-on" with data input and knowledgeable of the required data elements. ETA staff will contact the designated individual(s) to provide specific instructions concerning the establishment of an Account/Password and issuance of PIN Numbers will be provided.

    States are advised to use the most current version of a JAVA enabled browser. Therefore, to the extent that present software is being enhanced, the latest commercially available browser should be utilized.

  5. Regional Office and National Office Support. The National Office and the Regional Offices will provide the necessary support to the States to ensure a smooth implementation of the WtW Reporting System. It is expected that reporting via direct electronic data entry will enable a more timely submittal of complete and accurate data.

    The National Office will provide technical assistance to the States as needed to ensure that the technical aspects of electronic data entry are accommodated. The attached reporting instructions and the menu-driven prompts at the time of data entry should facilitate an understanding of what is requested for each data element. However, technical assistance and training, if needed, will be provided.

  6. Action Required. States should provide the names, organizational units, titles, E-mail addresses, FAX numbers and telephone numbers of the two individuals responsible for WtW reporting to the appropriate Regional Office by June 30, 1998.

  7. Inquiries. Questions of a technical nature, related to the electronic entry of WtW data, should be directed to Bob Horstman in OMIS by E-Mail at rhorstman@doleta.gov, or by telephone on 202-219-5651, extension 118. All other questions on WtW reporting or on this TEGL should be directed to either Ed Donahue or Isabel Danley by E-Mail at edonahue@doleta.gov and idanley@doleta.gov, or by telephone on 202-219-5731, extensions 126 and 115, respectively, or to the Regional Office.

  8. Attachments. 

    1. WtW Formula Grant Cumulative Quarterly Financial Status Report (ETA-9068)

    2. Instructions for Reporting Welfare to Work Formula Grants Financial Data

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