Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. How many people are receiving UI?

A. There is not data on the actual number of people receiving benefits on a weekly basis. However, there is data on the actual number of people claiming benefits on a weekly basis. Since the vast majority of weeks claimed are compensated, this measures serves as a weekly census of the population of people in the UI system. You can see data for weekly claims by program type going back to the 1980's here

Q. Where can I find historical data on weekly claims?

A. Time series data for weekly claims can be found here

Q. Are there data describing the characteristics of UI claimants?

A. Data on the characteristics of UI claimants can be found here

Q. Can I download raw UI data?

A. Yes, we provide complete access to almost all reporting data we collect. The data is organized by the underlying reports it is collected on. You can find that information here

Q. Where can I find definitions and descriptions for the various data elements?

A. There are several places to find information on UI data elements. The appendix of each quarterly UI Data Summary offers a glossary of terms that describes how each data element is calculated and its location in the reporting system. In addition, a keyword search facility is provided that allows users to search for data elements using a topical list or an alphabetical list.

Q. Is there a simpler way to find and download commonly requested data items from the Unemployment Insurance system?

A. You can directly access those data Here.

Q. Where can I find data on individual state trust fund balances?

A. The Bureau of Public Debt, within the Treasury Department, actually manages the UI trust funds and reports the balances. You can find information on state balances from their website

Q. How many states are taking loans and what are the outstanding balances?

A. A list of states that are borrowing, along with the balances can be found here

Q. Was there something like EUC in prior recessions?

A. Yes, every recession since 1950 has had an emergency federal program that supplemented the UI program. You can find a list of programs here

Q. Where can I find measures of state UI overpayments?

A. You can find a wide variety of information and data on Unemployment Insurance Benefit Payment Integrity Here.

Q. Can you help with my UI claim?

A. Unemployment Insurance is administered by individual state workforce agencies. If you have a question about whether you are eligible for UI, or a question concerning a current or past claim, that question must be addressed to the state agency that administered the claim. There are no other entities that assist you with the administration of a claim.