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  Federal Security Agency
Social Security Board
Washington 25, D.C.
    Bureau of Employment Security
November 26, 1945




Principles Underlying the Suitable-Work Disqualification

For some time the Bureau has been preparing a series of statements, on principles underlying some of the disqualifications. We have undertaken this series in the hope that it will prove helpful to the States in deciding claims and appeals. The first of the statements, "Principles Underlying the Suitable-Work Disqualification," is attached. Others on availability for work, and the voluntary-leaving disqualification, will follow shortly.

The statements are written so as to bring out the considerations that should be kept in mind to achieve a fair decision. At the same time they attempt to make certain that the principles expressed are consistent, not only with the underlying purpose of the program, but with the reasoning used throughout the document.

In addition to the usual number of copies of releases in the letter series sent to each State agency, we are including a number of extra copies of this letter and enclosure which we suggest that you distribute to the appeals and claims personnel. The statements have been extremely helpful to us in sharpening our ideas, clarifying problems that are cloudy with implications, and in giving us a concrete foothold from which to analyze novel and troublesome questions. We hope that they will serve a similar purpose for you. Additional copies are available upon request.

The attached draft statement and the others to follow are not formal recommendations of the Board. We shall appreciate receiving your comments through the appropriate regional office on the statements, their use, the ideas they express, and advice as to any other phase of the subject in which you may be interested. Your comments should prove extremely valuable in any revisions we make.

Sincerely yours,

/s/ Ewan Clague

Ewan Clague



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