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UI PERFORMS Tier II Measures

  1. Workshare First Payments Timeliness

  2. Continued Weeks Payments Timeliness

  3. Nonmonetary Issue Detection Timeliness

  4. Workshare Continued Weeks Payment Timeliness

  5. Nonmonetary Determinations Implementation Timeliness

  6. Implementation of Appeals Decision Timeliness

  7. Employer Tax Appeal Timeliness

  8. Combined Wage Claim Wage Transfer Timeliness

  9. Combined Wage Claim Billing Timeliness

  10. Combined Wage Claim Reimbursements Timeliness

  11. Wage /Tax Report Filing Timeliness

  12. Securing Delinquent Reports Timeliness

  13. Resolving Delinquent Reports Timeliness

  14. Contributions Payments Timeliness

  15. Lower Authority Appeals Due Process Quality

  16. Higher Authority Appeals Quality - [to be developed]

  17. Employer Tax Appeals Quality - [to be developed]

  18. Posting Contributions Accuracy

  19. Delinquent Reports Resolution Quality

  20. Collection Actions Quality

  21. Field Audits Quality

  22. Employer Accounts Posting Accuracy

  23. Employer Billings Accuracy

  24. Employer Credits/Refunds Accuracy

  25. Benefit Charging Accuracy

  26. Experience Rating Accuracy

  27. Benefit Payment Accuracy

  28. Lower Authority Appeals, Case Aging

  29. Higher Authority Appeals, Case Aging

  30. Turnover of Receivables Liquidated or Written Off


    UI PERFORMS Tier II Measures


  31. Writeoff of Receivables

  32. Assessment of Receivables to Taxes Due

  33. Audit Penetration, Employers

  34. Audit Penetration, Wages

  35. Audit Targeting , Percent Change in Annual Total Wages

  36. Trust Fund Solvency

  37. Timeliness of Deposit to the Clearing Account

  38. Timeliness of Intrastate UI First Payments

  39. Timeliness of Interstate UI First Payments

  40. Timeliness of UCFE First Payments

  41. Timeliness of UCX First Payments

  42. Timeliness of Intrastate Separation Determinations

  43. Timeliness of Intrastate Nonseparation Determinations

  44. Timeliness of Interstate Separation Determinations

  45. Timeliness of Interstate Nonseparation Determinations