UIPL 04-99 Attachment A


National Office Coordination and Technical Assistance

    Andrew Spisak
    Burman Skrable
    Tom Stengle

Benefits Group

    Barbara Chandler, Ohio Bureau of Employment Services
    Terry Clark, National Office
    Walter Harris, New York Regional Office
    William McGann, New Jersey Department of Labor
    Bob Whiting, National Office

Appeals Group

    Jack Bright, National Office
    Dan Kassner, Alaska Department of Labor
    Robert P. McWilliams, Kentucky UI Commission
    Pat O'Neal, Seattle Regional Office
    Hazel Warnick, National Association of UI Appellate Boards
    Sonja Weisgerber, Kansas Department of Human Resources

Tax and Cash Management Group

    Connie Carter, Atlanta Regional Office
    Cindy Guthrie, Missouri Division of Employment Security
    Connie Peterkin, National Office
    Wendy Tyson, Wyoming Department of Employment