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May 28, 1998




May 31, 1999











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New Interstate Connection (ICON) Application - Withdrawal/Invalid Claim Information(WIC)


  1. Purpose.  To advise State Employment Security Agencies (SESAs) that the Model Code for the real-time withdrawal/invalid claim information application for ICON is being distributed for installation. A system requirement document is being distributed to the non-IBM States.

  2. References.  ET Handbook 392; ET Handbook 399; ICON User Guide; Interstate Benefit Payment Plan. UIPL NO. 23-98.

  3. Background.  Historically, when an interstate initial claim was filed, it was taken by the agent State, and documentation of the claim and any weeks claimed were provided to the liable State for backdated claims. The move to remote agent State and remote liable State interstate initial claimstaking results in documentation procedural problems for both agent and liable States. Agent States are unable to obtain weeks claimed certifications from the claimant for attaching to backdated claims. Liable States using remote interstate initial claimstaking procedures have no immediate access to information which provides supporting reasons for backdating of the claims when claimants call to file.

    With more and more States implementing remote liable interstate initial claimstaking, a method for providing immediate access to information pertaining to prior claims that have been withdrawn or that have resulted in ineligible monetary determinations is needed. While the Interstate Inquiry (IBIQ) is available to access wage and benefit information, it does not provide all of the information that the liable State needs at the time the backdated initial claim is filed. At the request of the Interstate Conference of Employment Security Agencies' (ICESA) Interstate Benefit (IB) Committee, Model Code has been developed by Lockheed Martin Integrated Business Solutions (LMIBS) to address the problem.

  4. WIC Application. The new WIC application provides for real-time transmission of data to the ICON HUB where it will be maintained on a HUB file for access by other States. The WIC application allows the State from which a claimant has received an ineligible monetary determination, or the State against which a combined wage claim is withdrawn, to provide specific information pertaining to the claim for use by the State against which the claimant files a substitute claim by phone. The length of time that the records will be maintained on the file will be decided after a period of experience.

    The WIC Model Code has been installed and tested by the States Alabama, Kansas, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, New Mexico, South Carolina and Wisconsin.

  5. Distribution of the Model Code and Specifications.  The WIC Model Code and Specifications for this application were distributed to all States by LMIBS on May 1, 1998. Although it is recognized that Year 2000 programming will need to take priority over any other new programming, the IB committee has set a target date of July 4, 1998, for State installation and testing. The use of this application by State claimstakers is effective with initial claims taken on and after July 6, 1998.

    On May 4, 1998, a notification of the distribution was sent to each State's Unemployment Insurance (UI) Director with a copy to the appropriate Employment and Training Administration Regional Office. This notification is to ensure that the agency's UI Director is aware that the application has been sent to the State's designated representative and that installation needs to be scheduled.

  6. Installation of the WIC Application. To install this application, SESAs should be prepared to dedicate staff with appropriate experience to complete the necessary work in a timely manner. Dedicated connectivity to the HUB is required to support this application. There is minimal effort required for an IBM State to install the Model Code. An applications programmer will need to enter the State's postal code in the copybook, assemble 3 maps, and compile 3 CICS programs. A CICS programmer must define the transactions, maps and programs in the CICS table. It is estimated that States should be able to accomplish this in less than 2 days.

    Any State that is interested in installing this application, but that does not currently have a dedicated circuit to the HUB, should contact Martha Hazelrigg at the LMIBS, on (407) 306-7228, to discuss the technical requirements.

  7. Action Required. SESA Administrators are requested to take the following actions:

    (a)  Make this directive available to all appropriate management, technical, and agent and liable operations staff; and

    (b)  Advise the appropriate staff of the July 4, 1998 target date for installation and testing of this application.

  8. Inquiries. Any questions should be addressed to the appropriate Regional Office.