UIPL 25-97 Attachment 3



Supplemental Data
CY 1996

Responsibility for Overpayments (Percent of Dollars Overpaid)
Claimant Only xx.x
Employer Only xx.x
Agency Only xx.x
Claimant + Employer xx.x
Claimant + Agency xx.x
Employer + Agency xx.x
Claimant + Employer + Agency xx.x
Other Only xx.x
Claimant + Other xx.x
Employer + Other xx.x
Agency + Other xx.x
Claimant + Employer + Other xx.x
Claimant + Agency + Other xx.x
Employer + Agency + Other xx.x
Claimant + Empl. + Agy. + Oth. xx.x
Responsibility Not Specified xx.x

Cause of Overpayments (Percent of Dollars Overpaid)

Benefit Year Earnings Issues

Base Period Wage Issues

Separation Issues

Work Search Issues

Other Eligibility Issues

Other Issues

NOTE: The percentages for the responsibilities or causes do not sum to 100 percent. You should check field (h5) to verify that all cases have been coded correctly within your specified batch range. Also the responsibilities and cause categories are ranked by their respective percents.