UIPL 25-97 Attachment 2


The BAM Annual Report narrative must be transmitted by electronic mail (ELM).

To transmit the narrative by ELM, mail to "tonight!yvette" on the Sun system or "sasseeny@doleta.gov" on internet. List the subject as "Annual Report Narrative for XX" where XX is the State Postal FIPS abbreviation. For help with this process, call the Division of Information Technology Hotline on 1-800-473-0188.

The narrative should not exceed two pages in length (66 lines per page with one inch margins); and it should include a title indicating the State and CY 1996. State narratives must be received in the NO no later than June 9, 1997. States not planning to submit a narrative should notify the NO of this fact by June 9, 1997.