UIPL 22-94 Attachment B



The NO review panel shall review all proposals and make formal recommendations to higher level UIS management.

  1. First Level of Review: The first level of review is to determine whether the following items are addressed in the proposal. If these items are not addressed or included where appropriate, the proposal may be considered deficient and rejected for failure to comply with the requirements of the proposal submission process.

    1. The proposal must indicate the ability of the SESA to obligate the funds prior to December 31, 1994.

    2. Any proposal requesting funds for outside contractor assistance must be accompanied by supporting documentation as indicated in Attachment A.

  2. Second Level of Review: The second level of review is the assignment of a point value to each proposal. Through an evaluation of the proposal's narrative, points are to be awarded based on planned performance. The criteria to evaluate and award points include:

    1. Technical Merit. The depth of the State's technical approach to the PI implementation project, and the level of operational efficiency to be attained as a result of implementing these program improvements.

    2. Strategic Design. Evidence of a well thought out analysis of SESA operations based on QC findings. These will include, but are not limited to:

      1. Basis for Proposal

        • Adequate documentation submitted to support proposed project

        • Aspects of project proposal that were identified through QC verification data

      2. Implementation efforts clearly identified

        • Ability to meet timeframes indicated

        • Required resources identified - with explanation

        • How implementation will provide better service to claimants or employers, or will result in future savings for the SESA