1. Executive Summary

    1. Amount Requested

    2. Project Title: QC Program Improvement Implementation

    3. Proposal Abstract

      1. Statement of Problem

      2. What is to be accomplished and timetable for the project. Include the level of operational efficiency to be attained as a result of implementing these program improvements

      3. Description of software/programming needs

  2. Amount Requested and Purpose

    1. Indicate additional resources needed for Staff and materials. Include one-time costs of new or revised forms necessary for implementation.

    2. List equipment and software to be purchased or rented, and furnish a description of programming needs.

    3. Provide an in-depth description on each phase of the implementation process.

  3. Supporting Materials

    States having informational material which, in their opinion, will enhance the content of the proposal have the option to attach such material to the proposal.

  4. Contractor Assistance

    Any proposal which includes project funds to be paid to an outside contractor must include: