UIPL 47-92 Attachment C


  1. General.  Data on the Emergency Unemployment Compensation (EUC) program will be reported on forms ETA 207, ETA 218, ETA 227, ETA 5130, ETA 5159, ETA 2112, and ETA 539. Generally, electronic reporting will not be used because of the short duration of the EUC program. Except for the ETA 2112, [s]eparate paper forms will be labeled "EUC" at the top and mailed or sent using facsimile services to the National Office and a copy to the Regional Office. Unless otherwise specified, definitions of items will follow definitions in the regular program. Due dates will be the same as the regular versions of reports.

    Reporting will begin with the first reporting period in which the effective date of the EUC program falls. Reporting for all reports except the ETA 2112 will continue for twelve full months or four full quarters after the last payable week of the EUC program. For those reporting periods in this post-EUC time frame, only reports which have non-zero data need be submitted. Reporting for the ETA 2112 should continue for as long as there is activity.

    State agency administrators must assure that the reports provide only EUC data, not data for regular UI activity. In addition, the data should not duplicate any data provided for the regular UI program, except where the work history indicates an actual intrastate or interstate regular claim must be processed in order to determine entitlement because a decision cannot be made upon screening the information available whether a regular claim or EUC claim should be filed. If the result is a determination of ineligibility for regular UI, then an EUC claim may be filed. Reports could properly reflect an initial claim count for each program (See UIPL 9-92, Change 1).

  2. Data Items to be Reported.

    1. ETA 207.  Report column 1, Total Determinations and Redeterminations, for lines 101 through 106. Report also lines 201 and 202, columns 7 through 10; and lines 301 and 302, columns 11 through 16.

    2. ETA 218.  Report line 100, columns 1 through 3. Note that monetary determinations here refer to determinations that the claimant meets the EB 20 weeks of work eligibility requirement.

    3. ETA 227.  Report lines 101, Total Fraud Overpayments, and 108, Total Nonfraud Overpayments for columns 1 through 4. Also report all of Section B, Reconciliation of Overpayment Activity. Overpayments for which recovery is prohibited by Section 102(b)(2) or Section 202(a)(2)(B) of P.L. 102-318 should be reflected as write-offs on line 205.

    4. ETA 5130.  Report all data elements.

    5. ETA 5159.  For Section A Claims Activities, report initial claims information for columns 1 through 6 for lines 101 through 103. Report eligibility reviews and continued weeks claimed activity for columns 7 through 12 for lines 201 through 203. The claims information needed for column 10 for lines 201 through 203 will be identified as FSB on the Interstate Statistical Bypass Data Exchange. Report all of Section B, Payment Activities.

        (1)  Final Payments.  Because of the multi-tier nature of the EUC program, it is theoretically possible for a claimant to receive a final payment in one tier and, if the claimant's State triggers into a higher tier after his/her exhaustion, receive a subsequent final payment in the next tier. A final payment is to be counted when a claimant receives a final payment and there are no more benefits available at that point in time even though more may become available later.

        (2)  First Payments.  A claimant may not receive more than one first payment under EUC.

        (3)  Regular ETA 5159 Exhaustion.  The regular program exhaustions will be used to calculate triggers for the EUC program. Exhaustion data need to be available for the publication of the EUC Trigger Notice. Therefore, timeliness of the regular ETA 5159 becomes even more important than it has been in the past. The due date remains the 15th of the month following the month to which the data relate. The release date for this information is now the 21st of the month, or the first business day after the 21st, following the month to which the data relate.

    6. ETA 2112.  Do not use a separate form for this report. Amounts received as advances for EUC should be reported on line 22 in columns C and E. Amounts received as reimbursement from other States for EUC-CWC payments made prior to July 1, 1992 should be included on either line 24 or 25 in columns C and F with an explanation under "Comments".

      Total disbursements for EUC payments are to be included on line 39 in columns C and F with explanations under "Comments" as follows:

      1. Disbursements for weeks of unemployment attributable to initial claims filed on or before July 4, 1992.

        Amounts included on line 39 are to be broken out by four categories and shown in the "Comments" section. For example: "EUC weeks attributable to initial claims filed on or before 7/4/92, line 39: Regular = $1,473, UCFE = $452, UCX = $389, Other = $122."

      2. "Disbursements for weeks of unemployment attributable to initial claims filed after July 4, 1992.

        Because of the common funding source for all weeks of unemployment attributable to initial claims filed after July 4, 1992, regardless of program category, a breakout by program for such weeks is not required. Amounts included on line 39 should be noted in the "Comments" section. For example: "EUC weeks attributable to initial claims filed after 7/4/92, line 39 = $1,000,000."

        NOTE: Residual activity from previous Federal emergency programs must continue to be reported on line 39 and, therefore, must also be noted in the "Comments" section.

      Because of limited space in the comments section of the ETA 2112, clear abbreviations may be used. For example: Ln.39-EUC on/before 7/4/92: Reg=$1,473, FE=$452, X=$389, Other=$122; Ln.39-EUC after 7/4/92: $1,000,000; Ln.39-FSC: $107.

    7. ETA 539. For this report only, data will be reported electronically. Total weeks claimed for State, UCFE, and UCX for the EUC program for the report period will be reported in the comments section and labeled as "EUC" with the number following it. For example: "EUC=239". (The agent weeks claimed information needed for this report will be obtained from the Interstate Statistical Bypass Data Exchange, column labeled FSB.)

  3. Election of EUC in Lieu of Extended Benefits (EB).  States which trigger onto the EB program may elect to pay EUC instead. This election should be expressed in the comments section of the ETA 539. The usual letter from the governor or appropriate State official declaring that the State has triggered onto EB should contain a declaration that EUC will be paid instead of EB.

  4. Transmission.  Forms will be mailed to:

    U.S. Department of Labor
    Employment and Training Administration
    Attn: TEURA-Reports, Rm. S-4519
    200 Constitution Avenue, N.W.
    Washington, DC 20210

    Forms may be sent via facsimile in lieu of mailing to 202-523-8506. The cover sheet should indicate delivery to TEURA-Reports.

  5. OMB Approval.  These instructions have been approved by the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) under approval number 1205-0317, with an expiration date of December 31, 1993.