Attachment D
To UIPL 3-91


Facsimile - Response to Governor Advising of Action Taken on Request for Voluntary Repayment of Title XII Advances.


The Honorable _________________
Governor of _________________ (appropriate inside address and salutation)

Dear Governor ___________________,

This will respond to your recent (letter) (telegram and letter) to Secretary Dole requesting a transfer of funds from the account of your State in the Unemployment Trust Fund to the Federal unemployment account in repayment of advances made to . your State under Title XII of the Social Security Act.

I am certifying to the Secretary of the Treasury the following amounts) for transfer on the dates) shown:

Amount Effective Date
$___________ ___________
$___________ ___________
$___________ ___________

A voluntary repayment will be applied to advances on a last made-first repaid basis to the extent sufficient funds are available in your State's account in the Unemployment Trust Fund after deducting scheduled withdrawals. Any amount of a loan repayment which cannot be completed on the date specified in this letter will be disallowed.

The agency administering your State unemployment fund will be advised by the Funds Accounting Branch in the U.S. Treasury Department of the actual application of the requested repayment(s) and the remaining balance of advances after the transaction(s) is (are) completed.





Unemployment Insurance Service