Attachment B
To UIPL 3-91

Facsimile - Response Advising of Action Taken on Request for Title XII Advances


The Honorable _________________
Governor of _________________ (appropriate inside address and salutation)


Dear Governor ___________________,

Your application for repayable advances during the months of __________, _________ and ___________, from the Federal unemployment account in the Unemployment Trust Fund to the account of your State in such Fund, meets the requirements of Section 1201 of the Social Security Act.

I have certified to the Secretary of the Treasury for advance to the account of your State, subject to the availability of funds, an amount up to, but not to exceed, the amount requested for each month as follows:

Amount Not
to Exceed
Month of
$___________ $___________
$___________ $___________
$___________ $___________

An advance will consist of funds actually used during each month, which may be less than, but will not exceed, the amount certified for that month. If the amount used during the month is less than the amount certified, the unused portion will revert to the Federal unemployment account.

The Funds Accounting Branch in the U.S. Treasury Department will notify the State directly of the amount of interest-bearing advance actually made during each month.

All repayable Title XII advances are subject to the interest-charging provisions of Section 1202(b) of the Social Security Act. The rate of interest to be charged during calendar year _____ is _____ percent.

Acceptance of an advance is deemed to constitute acceptance of the obligation to pay any interest that may become due no later than the due date for such payment. Sections 303tc)(3) and 1202(b) of the Social Security Act and Section 3304(a)(17) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1954 apply to the timeliness and source of money for payment of interest on Title XII advances.




Unemployment Insurance Service