UIPL 18-90 Attachment #1



  1. Contents.  The diskette has four files:

    1. MONITOR1 - creates two "Case Completion Frequency Distribution" reports. One gives the frequency by days, and the other gives the frequency by day ranges. (These reports are extraneous to the purpose of this exercise: however, the routine must be completed in order to create the files below.)

    2. MONITOR2 - produces the "Time Study" report which lists several data fields associated with cases that have been completed in more than a given number of days (90 for this exercise).

    3. MONITOR3 - produces "Case Analysis" worksheets for cases identified on the "Time Study" list.

    4. SAVE5 - is used by MONITOR1.

  2. Printouts.  The following printouts can be produced from the files:

    1. Case Completion Frequency Distributions

        List of Delayed Cases

    2. Worksheets for Analysis of Delayed Cases

  3. Instructions for Producing Printouts. Note: " [cr] " press "Return" key.

    1. Login.

    2. Enter the operating system by typing "!sh[cr]"

    3. Insert the diskette into the disk drive, making sure the arrows align.

    4. At the system prompt, type "tar x [cr]"

      The system will read the files: MONITOR1, MONITOR2, and MONITOR3.

    5. At the system prompt, type "MONITOR1[cr]"

    6. You will be prompted, "Enter Beginning Batch:" Type the beginning batch number (8901) in the range of interest, followed by [cr].

    7. You will be prompted, "Enter Ending Batch:". Type the last batch number in the range of interest (8952), followed by [cr]. (The last batch should not be more recent than 90 days old.)

    8. Wait.

    9. Retrieve the Case Completion Frequency Distribution reports from the printer. (As stated in section 1 above, this report is extraneous, but the routine must be completed in order to generate the necessary reports.)

    10. At the system prompt, type "MONITOR2[cr]".

    11. You will be prompted, "Select cases completed in more than how many days". Enter "90", followed by [cr]. This will produce a report that includes all cases completed in more than 90 days. (Note that this software has other uses, i.e., it could be used to select cases completed in over 60 days.)

    12. Wait.

    13. Retrieve the Time Study report from the printer.

    14. At the system prompt, type "MONITOR3", followed by a space, followed by case numbers to be selected (per instructions in Attachment No. 2), each separated by a space, followed by [cr]. For example, "MONITOR3 2 5 8 11 14[cr]" creates worksheets for cases numbered: 2, 5, 8, 11, and 14 from the Time Study list.

    15. Retrieve the worksheets from the printer.