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June 7, 1988




June 30, 1990











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UCFE Process - United States Department of Commerce (DOC), the Bureau of the Census, the Decennial Census


  1. Purpose. To provide a separate Federal identification code for the bureau of the Census and solicit State coop-eration with DOC representatives who will be contacting them to discuss strategies for handling the large influx of claimants expected as a result of the decennial census.

  2. Background. Beginning in 1988 and running through 1992, the United States Department of Commerce, the Bureau of the Census, will be hiring temporary employees to work on various parts of the Decennial Census. Since over half a million employees will be hired and released, the Department of Labor (DOL) has worked closely with the DOC to develop strategies which could ease the burden-of this influx of claimants for the SESAs and DOC.

    In 1988, the States of Washington and Missouri will serve as dress rehearsal sites for the 1990 census. Nearly 3,000 employees will be hired and released in the April to September period in limited geographic areas in those two States. From April- through November 1988, an additional 40,000 employees nationwide will be hired to work an average of 4 weeks on the National prelist census.

    In 1989, 100 master district offices will open. During the summer and extending to late fall, 45,000 employees will be hired and released as part of three tests: the late prelist, the pre-canvas and the advanced postal check.

    During the 1990 decennial census itself, nationwide hiring will peak at about 400,000 with over 300,000 employees being released in the months of May. June and July 1990. Employment in individual States will run from a low of 1,000 to a high of 46,000.

  3. Federal Identification Code Number. The National Office has assigned a separate Federal identification code number, 909, for the Bureau of the Census and the DOC has established a separate address for the Census UCFE claims process. The address is:

    CENSUS-UCFE #909
    Room 3254 FOB 3
    Washington, D.C. 20233

  4. DOC Contacts. A representative from the DOC unemployment compensation program office will be contacting the SESAs with anticipated large claims activity shortly to discuss strategies for handling the large influx of claimants expected as a result of the decennial-census. They will discuss proposals to ease the burden on the SESA system and the Bureau of the Census.

    The following proposals have been discussed with the Bureau of the Census and have Unemployment Insurance Service (UIS) concurrence. SESAs contacted are requested to extend maximum cooperation in this effort. DOC representatives will discuss the proposals in more detail and provide estimates of anticipated separations for each State.

    1. Wage reporting for Bureau of Census employees on computer readable media, formatted to fit individual State requirements.

    2. Mass filings in Census offices to reduce paperflow to and from the State and the bureau of the Census. Census staff will be available to assist in this process.

    3. A significantly modified automated response to the ES-931.

    4. Independent procedures worked out between the Department of Commerce and individual States to minimize individual requests for information and/or responses to those requests. Among the possibilities in this area are automated inquiries and/or responses in a list format and the presumption by the State that "lack of work" is the valid reason for separation unless a "for cause" reason is supplied by the Bureau of the Census.

  5. Action Required. SESAs are encouraged to discuss proposed modifications with DOC or Census representatives upon request and cooperate with the DOC in this effort.

  6. Inquiries. If you have any questions concerning this directive, you may call Dave Berube, Unemployment Compensation Program Manager, U.S. Department of Commerce on (202) 377-1010 or Millie Enten in the Department of Labor National Office on (202) 535-0312.