Appendix B

Management Information Measures

    Benefits Payment Timeliness Measures

  1. Intrastate UI First Payments Timeliness, full weeks, within 35 days
  2. Interstate UI First Payments Timeliness
  3. UI First Payments Timeliness (Partials/Part Totals)
  4. UCFE First Payments Timeliness
  5. UCX First Payments Timeliness
  6. Continued Weeks Payment Timeliness
  7. Continued Weeks Payment Timeliness (Partials/Part Totals)
  8. Workshare First Payments Timeliness
  9. Workshare Continued Weeks Timeliness
  10. Intrastate Separation Determinations Timeliness
  11. Intrastate Nonseparation Determinations Timeliness
  12. Interstate Separation Determinations Timeliness
  13. Interstate Nonseparation Determinations Timeliness
  14. UCFE/UCX Nonmonetary Determinations Timeliness
  15. Nonmonetary Determinations Implementation Timeliness
  16. Appeals Timeliness Measures

  17. Implementation of Appeals Decision Timeliness
  18. Lower Authority Appeals Timeliness 45 Days
  19. Lower Authority Appeals Timeliness 90 Days
  20. Higher Authority Appeals Timeliness 75 Days
  21. Higher Authority Appeals Timeliness 150 Days
  22. Lower Authority Appeals, Average Pending Case Age
  23. Higher Authority Appeals, Average Pending Case Age
  24. Combined Wage Claims Timeliness Measures

  25. Combined Wage Claim Wage Transfer Timeliness
  26. Combined Wage Claim Billing Timeliness
  27. Combined Wage Claim Reimbursements Timeliness
  28. Tax Timeliness Measures

  29. Contributory Employer Report Filing Timeliness
  30. Reimbursing Employer Report Filing Timeliness
  31. Securing Delinquent Contributory Reports Timeliness
  32. Securing Delinquent Reimbursing Reports Timeliness
  33. Resolving Delinquent Contributory Reports Timeliness
  34. Resolving Delinquent Reimbursing Reports Timeliness
  35. Contributory Employer Payments Timeliness
  36. Reimbursing Employer Payments Timeliness
  37. Successor Status Determination Timeliness (within 90 days of Quarter Ending Date)
  38. Successor Status Determination Timeliness (within 180 days of Quarter Ending Date)
  39. Appeals Quality Measures

  40. Lower Authority Appeals Due Process Quality
  41. Tax Quality Measures

  42. Delinquent Reports Resolution Quality
  43. Collection Actions Quality
  44. Turnover of Contributory Receivables to Tax Due
  45. Turnover of Reimbursing Receivables to Tax Due
  46. Write off of Contributory Receivables to Tax Due
  47. Write off of Reimbursing Receivables to Tax Due
  48. Contributory Accounts Receivable as a Proportion of Tax Due
  49. Reimbursing Accounts Receivable as a Proportion of Tax Due
  50. Field Audits Quality
  51. Field Audit Penetration, Employers
  52. Field Audit Penetration, Wages
  53. Percent Change as a Result of Field Audit
  54. Benefits Accuracy Measures

  55. Paid Claim Accuracy
  56. Denied Claim Accuracy
  57. Tax Accuracy Measures

  58. Posting New Determinations Accuracy
  59. Successor Determinations Accuracy
  60. Posting Successor Determinations Accuracy
  61. Inactivating Employer Accounts Accuracy
  62. Posting Inactivations Accuracy
  63. Employer Reports Processing Accuracy
  64. Contributory Employer Debits/Billings Accuracy
  65. Reimbursing Employer Debits/Billings Accuracy
  66. Employer Credits/Refunds Accuracy
  67. Benefit Charging Accuracy
  68. Experience Rating Accuracy
  69. Cash Management Measure

  70. Timeliness of Transfer to UTF
  71. Benefit Payment Control Measures

  72. Benefit Payment Control, Establishment Effectiveness
  73. Benefit Payment Control, Collection Effectiveness