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February 17, 2000















Office of Workforce Security




Purchase of New Sun Enterprise Servers for the Unemployment Insurance Data Base System (UIDB)

1.Purpose. To provide State Employment Security Agencies (SESAs) with advance information concerning the purchase of new Sun Enterprise Ultra SPARC 10 computer systems.

2.References. UIPL 5-94 and UIPL 37-95

3.Background. In 1995, the Department of Labor (DOL) provided Sun SPARC Model 10/40 computers to all SESAs. These systems are no longer manufatured or supported by the manufacturer, Sun Microsystems. When required, many of the essential computer parts for these systems have become difficult to find and purchase. In order to continue providing States with the necessary support and computer equipment to process unemployment insurance data, DOL will replace the current equipment with a new and faster Unix computer system.

4.Upgrade Overview.

    Hardware:The Sun Enterprise Ultra SPARC 10 computer has been chosen as the replacement server for the States. This new system has larger disk drives, faster central processing units (CPUs) and ample space for adding additional storage devices. It allows for future PCI and memory expansion and has built-in ECC memory error correction technology in each unit which increases the stability and reliability of the system. The Ultra SPARC 10 computer is Sun's entry-level workgroup server which incorporates the Sun Enterprise Ultra 10's architecture providing universal connectivity. It integrates with all diverse clients on networks such as Macintosh, Windows 95/98/NT and UNIX® workstations providing TCP/IP connectivity over Ethernet and Token ring LANs.

    Software:DOL will be providing software upgrades for the new systems. The upgrades include the latest versions of the Informix Relational Database SE (Standard Edition) Version 7.24, Sun Solaris 2.7 (or most current version) Operating System and several new system utilities.

5.New Sun UltraSPARC 10 Enterprise Server Configuration.After several technical meetings with Sun Microsystems, Inc., DOL decided on a configuration that will provide the necessary functionality and is conducive to the States' needs. All SESAs will receive the following configuration:

More technical information can be found at Sun's Web site:


6.Sun Ultra SPARC 10 Upgrade Plan. These new systems were purchased under a "special upgrade plan" from Sun Microsystems, Inc. Under this plan the new systems will be shipped directly to each SESA and installed by the State SUN Administrator with assistance from the DOL technical staff. The agreement with Sun requires that the old Sun SPARC 10 system must be returned to the vendor within 30 days of the delivery of the new equipment. In order to meet this 30-day deadline, DOL technical staff will schedule and provide the necessary assistance required by the State SUN Administrator to install the new systems within 20 days of the delivery of the new systems. Once the new system is installed and adequately tested, the old Sun SPARC 10 (Sun 10/40 CPU chassis - which is the required component to be returned) must be boxed and prepared for pickup. Packing materials provided with the new Sun Ultra 10 system will be used for packing the old system for pickup. Inside the box of the new Sun Ultra 10 is a "blue and orange" packet for the System Administrators. This packet contains "Action Required-Upgrade Return Procedures" and will provide all of the necessary paperwork and instructions for returning the old system to Sun Microsystems. A Return Merchandise Authorization Number (RMA) and an 800 number will be provided to make arrangements for SUN to pick up the old system.

DOL will keep all System Administrators informed regarding the implementation process. The projected completion date for this project is mid 2000. More detailed information will follow concerning the installation plans and this effort will be coordinated in detail with the State SUN System Administrators.

Special Technical Notes:

  1. Hardware components (other than the SUN 10/40 CPU chassis) from the old SUN system are not required to be returned to Sun Microsystems.

  2. HP 4Si Laserjet Printers, external Exabyte Model 8700 tape drives and cables already in the SESA sites are not being replaced and will be used in the new system's configuration.

7.Action Required. Administrators are to provide the above information to all appropriate State staff including State System Administrators providing support for the SESA's Sun Unix system.

8.Inquiries. All inquiries should be directed to your Regional Office.