December 29, 2004

Office of Workforce Investment
SUBJECT : Availability of On-Line Training for Enhancing WIA Performance Outcomes for Workforce Investment Act (WIA) Adult, Dislocated Worker and Youth Programs.

  1. Purpose. To announce the availability of the Performance Enhancement Project (PEP) on-line tutorial for WIA performance measures, in which is designed to explain WIA performance measures in a simple and easy to understand manner and to show the effect of the actions of program staff on reported performance outcomes.

  2. Background. The Employment and Training Administration has developed an online training course on enhancing WIA performance outcomes for adults and youth programs. Over the past two years, the Department of Labor has funded special oneon- one technical assistance to states and localities that were having difficulties meeting the youth and adult performance standards. This effort was known as PEP. It became evident during that process that many workforce investment system staff, particularly those on the front line where decisions are made, did not fully understand WIA performance standards or the performance consequences of many day-to-day program decisions. States and locals that received the technical assistance encouraged the Department to capture the lesson of PEP and export them system-wide in order to provide a uniform understanding of current WIA performance standards.

    This on-line tutorial consists of narrated PowerPoint presentations that participants can access from any computer with Internet access. The course is designed so that individuals can take specific topics based on their particular needs. The course is interactive, contains quizzes, and can be downloaded for use at any time at any pace.

    The course content includes two separate training courses: one on Enhancing WIA Performance Outcomes for Adults and Dislocated Workers, and one on Enhancing WIA Performance Outcomes for Older and Younger Youth. Each course consists of two modules.

  3. Using the Tutorial The course consists of a series of audio lectures that are streamed to your desktop computer. The audio lectures are about 5 to 15 minutes long and are accompanied by PowerPoint slides. Each course also includes handouts. Navigation is simple and participants can stop, pause, and resume training to fit their own pace.

    Playing the lectures of the on-line courses requires a computer with a soundcard and speakers, and a connection to the Internet. It also requires Flash Player software, which is pre-installed on most computers and is also available free as a download on the course Web site. Non-audio versions of the course are also available.

    The course on enhancing the performance measures outcomes for Adult and Youth programs is intended for front line staff, program supervisors, and for anyone who can benefit from a better understanding of WIA performance measures. The training materials, including the visuals and text, can be downloaded and used at face-to-face training sessions for large groups. The course software includes links to the One-Stop Career Center system and the Office of Performance and Technology Web sites.

  4. Availability. The on-line course on Enhancing WIA Performance Outcomes is available on the Web site for "Workforce Tools of the Trade," Select FREE Online Training & Resources to access Enhancing WIA Performance Outcomes. The course is also available on the Social Policy Research Associates' Web site at:

  5. Action Required. State Workforce Agencies are required to share this information with appropriate workforce investment program staff.

  6. Inquiries. For further information about the On-Line Tutorial, or to learn more about the PEP project, visit SPRA Web site at: Technical questions should be directed to All other questions should be directed to the appropriate Regional Office for your state.

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