October 12, 2004

Office of Workforce Security
SUBJECT : Training Seminars for State Workforce Agency Staff on the Resource Justification Model (RJM)

  1. Purpose. To announce details of two RJM training sessions for state staff.

  2. Background. The Office of Workforce Security (OWS) has developed and, with state input, refined the RJM for budget formulation and allocation of state unemployment insurance (UI) administrative resources. The OWS is preparing to collect RJM data for the Fiscal Year (FY) 2006 allocation and the FY 2007 budget formulation processes. While there have been no revisions to the data collection process, OWS will continue to offer training to state staff on how to use the RJM to prepare state budget requests.

  3. RJM Training Seminars. The OWS has scheduled two basic RJM training seminars in FY 2005 for state staff that will be responsible for compiling the cost data necessary to complete an RJM submission. Seminar size will be limited to 24 participants per session to permit more individual attention to each participant. Therefore, it will be necessary to limit state participation to two staff members per state - preferably one accountant or budget analyst and one UI program specialist. Regional Office training will be held separately in January 2005.

    Staff who have previously attended RJM training may sign up; however, staff who have not previously attended RJM training will have priority in attending the sessions. Preparation of Performance and Capital Improvement requests will not be included in the training sessions.

  4. Schedule. Each of the two training seminars will be conducted over a day and a half period from 9:00 a.m. to 5 p.m. the first day and from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. the subsequent day.

    Session Dates Location Deadline for Reservation
    November 16-17, 2004 Sacramento, California October 18, 2004
    December 8-9, 2004 Chicago, Illinois November 7, 2004

  5. Costs. The state agencies will be responsible for travel and per diem costs for state staff to attend the training sessions.

  6. Logistics. The attachments provide information on location, hours, hotel arrangements, and ground transportation for the training seminars.

  7. Action Required. State Administrators are requested to notify appropriate state staff of the upcoming RJM training seminars and to provide the name, title, first and second session preference of each nominee to Regional Office staff by the deadlines indicated above. The OWS will try to accommodate the session preference of each nominee; however, the size limit of each session may make this impossible for all. Each attendee is required to bring a laptop with Microsoft Office 2000© or a later version. Each laptop should also have a three and onehalf inch drive, a mouse, and a numeric keyboard. Attendees should inform the National Office if they need special accommodation.

  8. Inquiries. Direct any questions to the appropriate Regional Office.

  9. Attachments.

  10. RJM Training Seminar (Sacramento, California) November 16-17, 2004

    RJM Training Seminar (Chicago, Illinois) December 8-9, 2004

Washington, DC 20210