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Attention Job Training Stakeholders and Providers


Do you know how Federal Job Training Partnership Act Program dollars are being spent?

Is that GED or high school diploma making a difference in employment outcomes for welfare mothers?

Are wages for minority youth program completers competitive in the national marketplace?

These questions and hundreds like them can be answered by using this desktop reference about programs funded through the U.S. Department of Labor's Job Training Partnership Act (JTPA). This book can give you the complete picture of what's happening in each of JTPA's federally funded job training programs serving disadvantaged adults and youth (Titles II-A/C), dislocated workers (Title III) and older workers (Section 204(d)) for the program year ending June 30, 1998. How do programs compare on:

Unique in the amount of job training information now publicly available, JTPA's desktop reference includes records on more than 600,000 job training participants enrolled in over 640 local programs. Rich in detail, this book provides:

Also available upon request are printed data books for each State and the District of Columbia containing similar tables to quickly make comparisons between your State and the nation on more than 100 variables. You'll find an order form in the back of this book for individual State Data Books and a CD Rom disk containing the national data set, along with a complete set of State data books and a technical assistance guide for setting performance standards, which can be downloaded for analyses. Just complete the information, return the order form and your materials will be shipped immediately.

For the latest in performance management information and performance data for prior program years, check our Web site at: