Employment and Training Administration
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Nov. 15, 1993





for Regional Management
SUBJECT : Job Training Partnership Act (JTPA) Financial Management Technical Assistance Guide (TAG) Train-the-Trainer Sessions

  1. Purpose. To announce the schedule, participation criteria, and registration procedures for JTPA Financial Management sessions associated with the TAG currently being developed to support full implementation of the 1992 Amendments to the JTPA.

  2. References. Training and Employment Information Notice No. 20-92, Job Training Partnership Act (JTPA) Amendments Implementation Training Strategy.

  3. Background. The Employment and Training Administration (ETA) has provided a series of technical assistance guides and related train-the-trainer sessions to equip State, Service Delivery Area (SDA) and Substate Area (SSA) staff in providing JTPA subject-specific training to other State, SDA and SSA staff.

    The JTPA Financial Management TAG is being developed to provide clarification and "best practices" associated with the financial and related administrative requirements of the JTPA amendments and the Interim Final Regulations dated December 29, 1992. It is anticipated that the Financial Management TAG will be available for distribution to the States and SDAs/SSAs no later than January 14, 1994.

  4. Train-the-Trainer Sessions. Four train-the-trainer sessions on the Financial Management TAG will be conducted nation-wide in January, February and March 1994. The sessions will provide tools for States to conduct financial management training and will also include ample time for: (1) discussion of problem areas, (2) application of the best practices found in the TAG, and (3) questions and answers. Logistical coordination for the sessions will be provided by the Vermont Department of Employment and Training (VDET).

    1. Schedule for Train-the-Trainer Sessions. Brochures announcing the dates and locations for the training are attached. Trainees may choose the most convenient location and time to attend the training; however, the most geographically logical location is encouraged.

    2. Participation Criteria. States with 10 or more SDAs/SSAs are invited to select a maximum of four (4) individuals to attend these sessions, at least two (2) of which are encouraged to be from SDAs/SSAs. States with less than 10 SDAs/SSAs are invited to select a maximum of three (3) individuals to attend these sessions, at least two (2) of which are encouraged to be from SDAs/SSAs.

      Requests for additional slots must be coordinated by the State through the Conference Coordinator, Sally Redpath (refer to attached brochures for address, telephone and fax numbers). Such requests should be submitted as soon as possible and will be accommodated to the extent that room is available.

      To derive maximum benefit from this training experience, States should select participants who are conversant with the technical issues represented by the subject and who are able and willing to serve in the capacity of trainer. Participants should be advised of their responsibility to provide turn-around training to other State and SDA/SSA staff.

      Each State is requested to identify three expectations they have for this training. Please list these expectations on the back of one of the registration forms being submitted to the Conference Coordinator.

  5. Registration Procedures. The attached brochures are to be distributed at your discretion to State and SDA/SSA staff associated with the development and implementation of JTPA within your State. Selection of participants and registration should be coordinated by your office.

    All completed registration forms for your State are to be submitted in one package directly by your office to the Conference Coordinator, no later than December 3, 1993. (Registration forms individually submitted to the Conference Coordinator will NOT be considered in the final allocation of participants for a given State.) Each registration form should indicate a second choice training location.

    The Conference Coordinator will contact individuals directly, no later than December 10, if alternative session arrangements need to be coordinated. (This could be necessitated by response for participation at any scheduled session exceeding the maximum number of slots available.)

    A confirmation packet will be mailed directly to each participant, confirming the train-the-trainer session and dates to be attended. The confirmation packet will contain all of the necessary logistical information.

    Hotel reservations should be made immediately after receipt of confirmation packet, but no later than December 22, 1993. (December 22 is the absolute cut-off date for the Chicago session, in order to receive the reduced rate. Thereafter, reservations will be accepted on a space and rate availability basis only.) The block of rooms for each session has been reserved under the name "JTPA Financial Management". When making room reservations, individuals should identify themselves as part of this group in order to receive the negotiated reduced rate.

  6. Action Required. States are requested to:

    1. Distribute the attached brochures as well as the additional information contained in this directive to appropriate State and SDA/SSA staff.

    2. Coordinate selection of participants from your State and SDA(s)/SSA(s), not to exceed the allotted number.

    3. Contact the Conference Coordinator if additional slots are requested.

    4. Submit registration forms for all of your State and SDA/SSA participants in one package to the Conference Coordinator, no later than December 3, 1993. (States requesting additional slots should submit registration forms for allotted number of participants by the deadline of December 3. Response to requests for additional slots will be made during the week of December 6, after all registration forms have been received. Upon notification of additional slot availability, corresponding registration forms will be accepted by the Conference Coordinator.)

    5. Identify three expectations your State has for this training on the back of one of the registration forms being submitted to the Conference Coordinator.

  7. Inquiries. General questions concerning the scheduled JTPA Financial Management train-the-trainer sessions may be directed to Isabel Danley in the National ETA Office of the Comptroller, Division of Fiscal Policy on (202) 219-5767. Specific logistical questions should be directed to Sally Redpath, the Conference Coordinator, on (802) 828-4157.

  8. Attachments. Copies of the brochure announcing the JTPA Financial Management TAG Train-the-Trainer Sessions and accompanying registration forms.

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