Employment and Training Administration
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Sept. 14, 1993





for Regional Management
SUBJECT : JTPA Procurement Training--Announcement of Training Sites and Schedule

  1. Purpose. To provide JTPA Liaisons with information on the upcoming procurement training.

  2. References.

    1. JTPA, as amended (Public Law 97-3000);

    2. JTPA Interim Final Regulations, 20 CFR Part 627.420, as published in the Federal Register on December 29, 1992.

  3. Background. Approximately two years ago, ETA provided general procurement training to the JTPA system. Since the delivery of the training, the JTPA amendments were passed, and JTPA interim final regulations published. Section 165 of the amended Act required the Secretary to establish minimum procurement requirements in regulations, to be followed by Governors in prescribing and implementing procurement standards. The Secretary's procurement requirements were included in the interim final regulations.

    One of the standards imposed by the amendments requires procurements to include an appropriate analysis of the reasonableness of costs and prices. This standard was iterated in the regulations, with an explanation of when it was appropriate to undertake only a price analysis, as compared to a cost/price analysis. This section of the procurement regulations generated many comments. It was clear from a review of the comments that the JTPA system would benefit from a training session on cost/price analysis.

    As a result of the amendments and the interim final regulations, JTPA entities may no longer award to subrecipients fixed unit price performance based contracts whose costs are allocable only to training. Some of the commentors to the regulations thought that this meant that fixed unit price contracts were no longer allowable.

    Some of the goals of the amendments include a greater focus on fiscal accountability and the prevention of fraud and abuse in JTPA programs. Proper contract administration is integral in meeting the amendment goals.

  4. Training. Procurement training will be provided to the JTPA system which focuses on the three areas discussed in the Background section of this TEIN. The three modules of the training are:

    The training schedule and number of slots available for each Region follows (Note: slot distribution was based on the number of SDAs in each Region):

       Region 	SDA Slots		 Training Location	       Dates
    	I		24		Washington, DC area		Oct. 19 - Oct 22
    	II		43		Washington, DC area		Oct. 19 - Oct 22
    	III		45		Washington, DC area		Oct. 19 - Oct 22
    	IV		86		Atlanta, GA				Dec. 7  - Dec. 10
    	V		101		Chicago, IL				Nov. 2  - Nov. 5
    	VI		59		Houston, TX				Nov. 16 - Nov. 19
    	VII		30		Houston, TX				Nov. 16 - Nov. 19
    	VIII		18		Atlanta, GA				Dec. 7  - Dec. 10
    	IX		62		San Diego, CA			Nov. 30 - Dec. 3
    	X		17		San Diego, CA			Nov. 30 - Dec. 3 

    Each of the five three-and-a-half day training courses is scheduled to start on Tuesday morning and end Friday at noon.

    Regional Administrators will be contacting the States to inform them of this training. They will ask each State to solicit the State JTPA agency and the SDAs for nominees. Due to the limited number of slots we ask that State level administrative entity staff be limited to no more than two per State, in order to allow for a larger SDA participation. Since there are fewer slots available than there are SDAs, we ask that representatives from "priority need" SDAs be selected for this training.

    SDA nominees are to be submitted via the State JTPA agency to the Region. Each State is to submit its nominees to the appropriate Regional Administrator. Since the deadline for submission by the Region is October 6, 1993, the States will have to submit their nominees by October 5.

  5. Action. JTPA Liaisons are asked to work with the Regional Office and their States to identify nominees for this training. Attached is the nomination information form that was forwarded to the Regions. Prior to using this form, please check with the appropriate Regional Office to determine whether they have made changes to the form.

  6. Inquiries. Questions regarding this TEIN should be directed to either Patricia Wilkinson at (202) 219-7092, in the Office of Grants and Contract Management, or your ETA Regional Office.

  7. Attachment. U. S. DOL Sponsored JTPA Procurement Training, Nomination Information Sheet