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May 1, 2001





Deputy Assistant Secretary
SUBJECT : JETT*CON2001: Navigating our Future Together


  1. Purpose. To announce registration for JETT*CON2001 (Joint Employment and Training Technology Conference): Navigating Our Future Together, July 16 - l8, 2001, in Baltimore, Maryland.

  2. Background. Building on the tremendous success of the four previous JETT*CON conferences, JETT*CON2001 will be this year's premier Employment and Training Administration-sponsored event to put workforce professionals in touch with the policy information, exemplary programs, systems and solutions necessary to continue their creation of a technology-based, nationwide workforce system. The Conference is designed for leaders, policy makers, planners, employers, and practitioners involved in the workforce development system. Workforce development professionals from all of the Federal, State, and local Workforce Investment Act (WIA) partners involved in fully developing America's Workforce Network (AWN) are strongly encouraged to attend.

  3. Registration. The JETT*CON2001 Registration Form is now on line on the Conference web site at www.JETT*CON.org. A copy of the Registration Form is also included in the attached Conference Registration Brochure. Those wishing to attend may register:

    On Line: www.jettcon.org
    By Fax: 301-694-5124
    By Mail: JETT*CON2001 Registration, c/o Expo Exchange
    P.O. Box 3867, Frederick, MD 21705-3867
    By Phone: 301-694-5243

    A discount early-bird registration fee of $350 is available if received by May 31. A one-day (July 17) only fee of $l75 is also being offered this year. Over 2,500 workforce development professionals are expected to attend JETT*CON2001, so register early!

  4. Conference Overview. JETT*CON2001 will offer information and practical examples that Federal, State and local officials need as they enter their second year of WIA implementation. It will bring together key leaders of the public workforce development system and the great innovators from leading-edge technology companies. The Conference focus, thematic tracks, and exciting features include:

    1. Focus. The foundations of this year's conference will be:

      • America's Workforce Network, the WIA-inspired system of programs and partnerships that has transformed the delivery of workforce development programs at all levels of government; and

      • E-Government, the promising transformation of government services and programs through the use of the Internet and other information technology and communication tools.

    2. Thematic Tracks. Workshops will be offered under the following three tracks:

      • Programs & Policies: Bringing WIA to Life - Learn from successful program operators how they are dealing with such WIA implementation challenges as evolving partnerships, supporting effective boards, starting new youth programs, integrating services, maintaining Individual Training Accounts, marketing to employers and job seekers, and reporting results.

      • Access & Accessibility: Opening Doors for Everyone - Hear about innovative approaches to reaching out and serving non-traditional customers and special needs populations, including (but not limited to) rural populations, older workers, public housing residents, Indians and Native Americans, persons with limited English proficiency, and persons with disabilities.

      • System Building Tools: Technology @ Work - Delve into the E-Government initiatives now unfolding at all levels of government and learn about cutting-edge technology solutions available for addressing such critical areas as closing the skills gap, career development (i.e., America's Career Kit), labor market information, and distance learning,

    3. Features. JETT*CON2001 will bring back many popular features and introduce exciting new ones as well. Key features will include:

      • Outstanding Workshops - A learning program of over 60 individual workshop topics built around the Conference's three thematic tracks and led by experts from the public and private sectors. Many of the workshops will be repeated at least once.

      • Plenaries - Two plenary sessions addressing E-Government and its future in the public and private sectors, featuring the perspectives of dynamic speakers from the local, State and Federal levels as well as from business and non-profit organizations.

      • Pre-Conference Training - Nine high-quality, in-depth training opportunities for conference registrants offered on July 14 and July 15 on topics including Section 508 (Rehabilitation Act) Requirements, HTML, and America's Career Kit Certification.

      • YOUTHZone - JETT*CON2001 will provide a special focus on youth, including this unique exhibit showcasing exciting new service strategies, tools and techniques designed to help workforce professionals meet the challenges involved in serving our nation's youth over the next decade

      • Free Internet Training - One-hour sessions throughout the Conference showing through hands-on training how to maximize the Net's potential for your organization.

      • Government Learning Technology Symposium (GLTS) - A Forum for Federal, State and local governments to share their experiences in learning technology. This year, the 5th GLTS will be convened during JETT*CON2001 and will afford Conference attendees an opportunity to meet other government officials involved in web-based learning. In conjunction with the Symposium, one of the JETT*CON2001 Pre-Conference Training offerings will be an in-depth workshop on Learning Management Systems.

      • Exhibits - Over 100 exhibitors presenting the latest technologies, tools, systems and models for launching workforce systems and for enhancing the efficiency and productivity of existing programs. Included on the exhibit floor will be the showcasing by the U.S. Department of Labor (USDOL) of the information technology that supports its programs. Confirmed exhibitors are listed in the attached brochure. Those interested in exhibiting should contact JETT*CON2001 Exhibit Management at 410-997-0764 or by e-mail at JETT*CON@epponline.com.

      • The Hyperlink Café - Returning again by popular demand! An informal area in which to relax, enjoy good company, hyperlink to the latest workforce software, access the Internet, and check your e-mail.

      • Award-Winning Showcase Programs and Systems - Honoring State and community examples of successful and innovative workforce development programs that use information technology to provide world-class quality services.

      • Sponsorships - Private and public sector organizations showing their commitment to the Conference and to the future of the workforce development system through their generous contributions. To learn how your company can gain name recognition and demonstrate your support for technology in the workforce development system, contact Connie Leyva at ckonee@aol.com.

      • One-Day Registration - Made available in response to attendee requests. Attendees may register for Tuesday, July 17 only and participate in Tuesday's events which include four workshop sessions, a continental breakfast, an exhibit hall lunch, and the Camden Yards Reception. See number 3 above for details.

      • Camden Yards Reception - While the team's away, we will play. A fun-filled reception in one of the Country's premier ballparks - Oriole Park at Camden Yards. Located adjacent to the Convention Center, Camden Yards exudes an old-time charm with its intimate, open-air setting that puts fans right up close to the action.

      • The Baltimore Experience - An opportunity to visit this revitalized city and be within walking distance of the spectacular Inner Harbor waterfront, dozens of restaurants featuring Baltimore's traditional crab cakes and other delicacies, and great shopping.

  5. Conference Partners. In the true spirit of WIA, JETT*CON2001 will bring together key Federal and non-profit partners. These partners are playing an active role in the planning of the conference and the design and delivery of the workshops. They are encouraging their State and local constituents to take part in and attend the conference as well. These partners are listed on the Conference web site (www.JETT*CON.org) and in the attached brochure. Any additional organizations wishing to sign on as a JETT*CON2001 partner may do so through the Conference web site or may contact Conference staff at 202-693-3689.

  6. Navigators. We are looking for registered Conference attendees to volunteer to be JETT*CON2001 Navigators. Navigators will assist with activities such as monitoring workshops, ushering for plenaries, and hosting Conference networking events. The Navigators will help insure a rich Conference experience for all attendees. A Navigator form is attached.

  7. Conference Updates. We will keep you informed of the latest JETT*CON2001 developments, including workshop and speaker information, via postings on the Conference web site (www.JETT*CON.org) as well as through periodic JETT*CON2001 Bulletins which will also be posted on the web site and distributed through our Conference partners. The first two Bulletins are attached.

  8. Conference Materials. The Conference Brochure which includes program, registration, and hotel information and a Conference Calendar/Poster which highlights key dates leading up to the Conference are both available through your ETA Regional Office or through JETT*CON2001 staff at 202-693-3689.

  9. Action. 

    1. Please share this information with appropriate staff and colleagues, including your WIA partners, Workforce Investment Board members, and interested employers, and encourage them to register early.

    2. Contact your ETA Regional Office or JETT*CON2001 Conference staff at 202-693-3689 if you wish to have a supply of the Conference Brochure and/or Calendar/Poster sent to you for distribution.

    3. E-mail Beth Bienvenu (bbienvenu@doleta.gov) information on upcoming conferences and meetings at which JETT*CON2001 materials can be distributed. Include the date and location of the meeting(s) and the name and phone number of the appropriate contact person(s).

    4. If you or any of your colleagues planning to attend JETT*CON2001 are interested in giving a small amount of your time to serve as a volunteer JETT*CON2001 Navigator, please contact Elaine Kolodny via e-mail (ekolodny@doleta.gov) or phone (202-693-3624) or complete and fax the attached volunteer Navigator form. This form is also available on the Conference web site.

  10. Inquiries. Questions about JETT*CON2001 should be directed to your ETA Regional Office or to the Conference staff by phone (202-693-3689) or by e-mail (gcarrick@JETT*CON.org).

  11. Attachments.