As discussed in the TEIN, the following language will be made a part of all contracts and grants through a modification and will be incorporated into the original contract or grant accordingly:

Official identification.

The official name for the nationwide system of providing employment and training through the Workforce Investment Act partnerships and various other federally-sponsored programs is "America's Workforce Network." To achieve the goals of this grant, it is important that the public has a quick and easy method of identifying that the projects or programs they are taking part in are part of "America's Workforce Network." To provide this information to the public, the Grantee agrees to place the "America's Workforce Network" logo, in accordance with the Department's guidelines for such use, on all public materials such as statements, press releases, brochures, advertisements, reports, and other documents describing projects or programs funded in whole or in part with Federal money.

When the America's Workforce Network logo is used, Grantee agrees that it will be accompanied by the following statement: "[Program Name] is a Proud Member of America's Workforce Network"

The Grantee shall not use the "America's Workforce Network" logo in any manner that would imply that the Department of Labor endorses a commercial product, service, or activity or that material of a nonofficial nature represents the Department of Labor.