U.S. Department of Labor
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April 12, 2005





Assistant Secretary for Employment and Training
SUBJECT : Program Year (PY) 2005 State Senior Employment Services Coordination Plan

  1. Purpose. To delineate requirements for the PY 2005 State Senior Employment Services Coordination Plan (State Plan).

  2. References.Sections 503, 507(b) and 508 of the Older Americans Act Amendments of 2000 (OAA Amendments), Pub. L. 106-501; 20 CFR §§ 641.300-641.365.

  3. Background. As provided at 20 CFR §641.340, the Governor or his/her designee is not required to submit a full State Plan each year. Program Year (PY) 2004 State Plans were a full year plan (July 1,2004-June 30,2005). In general, PY 2005 State Plans need only contain modifications, unless there have been major program changes in the State. However, grantees should review their PY 2004 submissions carefully, paying close attention to the requirements identified in Attachment I, the new State Plan Outline. The submission is intended to be a bonafide plan, looking to the future, not just a "snapshot" report of the current situation in the State. The Governor or hisher designee must provide action plans specifying how the grantees operating in the State will work towards achieving the specifics delineated in the sections of the State Plan requiring implementation in PY 2005.

    This advisory also provides guidance on the regulatory and administrative modifications that are required for the PY 2005 State Plan

  4. Plan Development and Content. The Governor of each State is responsible for developing and submitting the State Plan or necessary modifications to the Department of Labor (the Department). However, the Governor may delegate responsibility for developing and submitting the State Plan or modifications thereto, provided that any such delegation is consistent with State law and regulations. Unless otherwise noted, the Department will accept the designee provided in the PY 2004 State Plan.

    Attachment I outlines the minimum information that must be included in the PY 2005 State Plan. The Governor or hisfher designee must submit modifications to address the requirements specified in Section 5 of this advisory (if applicable); to update any information that is no longer accurate; to provide action plans relative to requirements in the State Plan Outline as indicated in Section 3; and to meet the requirements in Section 6 of this directive.

  5. Regulatory Requirements for Modification of the State Plan. Modifications are required when: The Governor or hisher designee should follow established State procedures to solicit and collect public comments on all PY 2005 State Plan submissions.

  6. Administrative Requirement for Modification of the State Plan. All grantees must elaborate upon the PY 2004 State Plan provision addressing their coordination with the WIA One-Stop delivery system. As provided in §641.2OO, the Senior Community Services Employment Program (SCSEP) is a required partner under WIA, and as such, is a part of the One-Stop delivery system. Accordingly, the Department requires a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between SCSEP grantees and their Local Workforce Investment Boards (Local Boards). This requirement may be satisfied by developing a single MOU between each SCSEP grantee and the Local Board or an umbrella MOU involving all the SCSEP providers in one area. The MOU must outline how services will be provided by all parties.

    For the PY 2005 State Plan submission, the Department requires more detailed information about the MOU development process. The Governor or hisher designee must specify which MOUs have been developed, and provide detailed information about the particulars therein. To facilitate this effort, Attachment II provides a sample checklist to enable the Governor or hisher designee to list each grantee within the State and each local area in which they operate their grant. The sample checklist specifies the information that the Department requires about the MOU status of each grantee in the State--e.g., whether an MOU exists, the MOU typc, and the grantee and partners for cach MOU. If individual grantees within the State have not yet consummated MOUs with some or all of their Local Boards, the Governor or hisher designee must indicate the reason why and provide a timeline for completion of the outstanding MOUs.

  7. Schedule. The PY 2005 State Plan requirements must be provided to the Department by May 31,2005. An original plus two copies must be sent to DOWP by May 31,2005. Copies of the public comments relating to the changes in the State Plan must accompany its submission to the Department. Electronic copies are acceptable, although the signature pages must be faxed or expressed mailed. Electronic copies may be submitted to the appropriate Federal Project Officer via e-mail. These policies will also apply to both modified and newly submitted State Plans.

  8. Action Required. SCSEP grantees must begin work on their PY 2005 State Plan submission requirements.

  9. Inquiries. Questions should be directed to your Federal Project Officer.

  10. Attachments.

    Outline for the State Senior Employment Services Coordination Plan
    MOU Checklist