Attachment I

Grant Procedures

  1. Grant Agreement/Plan. Fiscal Year 2005 funds are being provided to SWAs responsible for the Wagner-Peyser (W-P) Annual Funding Agreement grant for the provision of WOTC and WtWTC services. These services must be consistent with the instructions in this TEGL and ETA Handbook No. 408 Third Edition, November 2002. The Agreement includes Standard Assurances and Certifications that apply to all grant programs. Notice of Obligation authority documents will be issued upon receipt of an approved WOTCIWtWTC plan submission.

  2. Modifications. The SWA and the Regional Office, in consultation with the National Office, may jointly modify the annual plan during the program year subject to the approval of the Grant Officer in all cases involving funding actions. The modification must include a transmittal letter, a revised SOW, and a quarterly spending plan (SF-424 A, Section D only). Regional Offices are responsiblz for coordinating both funding adjustments and annual plan modifications. They have the authority to recommend fund adjustments where a state is not spending at an agreed upon level. When an adjustment is necessary, the Grant Officer may issue a bilateral modification.

    Should the Secretary of Labor be required, by future legislation, to carry out other responsibilities not anticipated in the annual grant agreement, SWAs will be requested to submit a modification to the annual agreement in order to carry out these additional duties.