1. Computation. Annual family income must be determined by computing the annualized includable income for the 6 months preceding application or certification for continued enrollment.

    Annual family income for current family members refers to the sum of the amounts received fiom the income inclusions delineated in Attachment I.

  2. Standard Definition of Family and Family Income.

  3. Exception to Standard Definition.

  4. CPS Definition of Family.

  5. CPS Definition of Subfamily.

  6. Annual Family Income. Annual family income for current family members refers to the sum of the amounts received from the income inclusions delineated in Attachment I.

  7. Documentation. Grantees must ask applicants and enrolled participants for written documentation of age, income sources and family size when conducting income eligibility or recertification procedures--e.g., driver's licenses, Social Security or Medicare cards, pay stubs, income tax returns, and like "official" documentation. Further, the record of such documents must be jointly signed by both the individual applicant or participant and the grantee interviewer. Tax return documentation is particularly critical in instances in which the applicant indicates that he is claimed as a dependent on the income tax return of another family member with whom they reside. Grantees are required to maintain copies of the source information.

    In remote locations where such proof may not be readily copied, grantees must set up a file of the source document reviewed with applicants and enrolled participants relating to the verification of income eligibility. Such documentation must include the name of the reviewer, the date the information was reviewed, the name of the source documentation, the date of the source documentation and other pertinent information, including the signature of the reviewer and the applicantfparticipant. To be able to be considered a family of one under the disability provision, appropriate medical documentation must be provided and filed, even in remote locations. Selfcertifications are not permitted.

  8. Recertification. Grantees must recertify participant eligibility at least once every 12 months. They are strongly urged to do so in February and March since the Federal Income Guidelines are published in February.

    For PY 2004 only, participants who are subject to recertification of income eligibility will be assessed consistent with the prior procedures delineated in Older Worker Bulletin 95-5. Beginning in PY 2005, income eligibility determinations for continued program participation will be asscssed by the criteria delineated herein.