Attachment III


Plan Guidelines


Plan Narrative

States must submit a plan narrative describing each planned activity in detail, including planned outcomes, principal customers, milestones for achieving the outcomes and total estimated costs for the activity. At a minimum, the plan must address achievement of the most recent priority core products and services defined by the Workforce Information Council. Priority core products and services which cannot be addressed due to insufficient funds, must be identified and an explanation provided in the narrative along with the rationale for selecting those core products and services which will be addressed.

Except for those core products that have a specific national focus (such as population of the ALMIS Database, long-term employment projections, and short-term employment forecasts), all other activities must be within the context of the State's WIA/Wagner-Peyser Act Five-Year Strategic Plan and developed in consultation with the State Workforce Investment Board.

The annual plan must specifically include narrative information on the following areas:


Priority Core Products and Services


Annual Report

States are required to submit an annual report which summarizes the achievements and outcomes of the plan. The report is intended to serve as an accountability, management and analysis tool for the States, ETA and the Workforce Information Council. States are required to report for each planned activity: