Grant Procedures

  1. Grant Agreement.  The Wagner-Peyser Annual Funding Agreement will encompass the Base Grant, and the One-Stop/LMI grant for PY 2001/ FY 2002. The Funding Agreement includes Assurances and Certifications which apply to all grants covered by the Agreement.

  2. Grant Application.  Grant Applications are to be developed in accordance with Attachments I, II and III. The Grant Application must include a signed transmittal letter, a signed Application for Federal Assistance (SF-424), Budget (SF- 424A, Section D only) and Plan Narrative. States are requested to submit two signed copies of the final negotiated Plan to the appropriate Regional Office and one copy to:

    U.S. Department of Labor
    Employment and Training Administration
    Division of USES/ALMIS
    Room S-4231
    200 Constitution Avenue, N.W.
    Washington, D.C. 20210
    Attn: Olaf Bjorklund

  3. Plan Approval.  Regional Administrators are responsible for final approval of the plan and will issue an approval letter, with a copy of the approved plan, to the State and a copy of the approval letter and plan to the Grant Officer. A Notice of Obligation will be issued by the Grant Officer subsequent to the receipt of the Regional Office's approval package.

  4. Plan Modifications.  The Grantee and Regional Office may jointly modify planned activities and associated expenditures, within the State allocation, during the plan period of performance. The Regional Office has authority to unilaterally recommend funding adjustments to the Grant Officer when overall grant expenditures are substantially below quarterly budgeted forecasts in the approved SF- 424A. In the event the Secretary of Labor is required to carry out other responsibilities not anticipated in the plan, States may be requested to submit a plan modification to carry out the additional responsibilities.

  5. Financial Reconciliation.  The Regional Office will conduct a financial reconciliation of State and ETA accounting records at the end of the Program Year.